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My name is Evan.

I've navigated a strange and varied path to arrive at this point, where I can and do make my living as a professional artist. Domestically and internationally, I've been:

a teacher,

a baker and pastry chef,

a small business manager,

a management and startup consultant for tech companies;

but through it all I worked towards the goal of being a visual storyteller. For years now, I have had the privilege of supporting companies large and small, architectural firms, brands, musicians, publications, developers, designers, and independent creators with bringing their visions to life. 




Illustration and Visual Development



Whether seeking a one-off piece to hang on your wall, a custom painting for your book cover, unique decorating elements for a nursery, or a beautiful gift or special message you want to see visualized, you've come to the right place. I can promise consistently compelling visual storytelling by way of high quality, hand-painted illustration, designed to your needs and specifications. We'll work together closely to ensure you're receiving exactly what you're after.







Storyboards &

Sequential Art

Writing a comic? Storyboarding a marketing video before you take it to a production company? Illustrating an instructional or safety manual? I can help. Storyboards and sequential art are more than stringing together images. They're about problem-solving to find the most effective and compelling way to visually communicate your message or drama, and to engage with your viewers or readers. If you want to see your story visualized in comic panels, or feel your Kickstarter video needs a dose of directing before you take it to film, we can work to get the best of your vision on paper. 




Character &

Environment Design

If you're developing your own intellectual property, whether a graphic novel, an animated short, a television pitch, or a company mascot, you'll require professional assistance to solve all of your visual problems and help you to arrive at the clearest and most powerful visual message. Let me help develop your hero cards for your tabletop game, deliver to you an appealing character to use on your website, build engrossing environments for your point-and-click adventure, or plan and paint the layouts for your animation. Whether it's a marketing video, a composite image, a fairy tale illustration, or an architectural rendering, I'll help you construct an immersive and believable world insofar as your imagination can take you. 




Concept Visualization


On the other hand, if you're still not sure what you have on your hands--whether you want to turn your dream project into a comic book, a children's story, an animated short, a video game or tabletop game, or one-off postcards, I'll help you explore it. Or, if you need industrial or interior design renderings, architectural modelling or studies, or pre-fabrication design, I'll get you off the ground running.

No matter how loose is your idea nor for what kind of project, I will give your idea form so you can take it to its fullest potential. I'll get your dummy book ready to send to publishers. I'll get your autoCAD rendering ready to show to clients. I'll let your characters jump off the page, or let your readers step into them. 



Your Story


     Visual Development and Illustration is more than just drawing and painting. The term "visual development artist" comes from the pipeline behind animated films, in which these artists were tasked with conceptualizing, identifying, developing, and consistently maintaining the aesthetic, the visual tone and feel of every element in the subsequent film. This is a bigger task than most people consider, and requires the perfect mix of developed design sensibility and technical artistic expertise.

     But nowadays visual development applies to far, far more than animated films. We live in a world that is expanding and changing at an unprecedented pace, as businesses all over the world scramble to find new ways to engage with their customers; as cyberspace balloons ever outward; as SaaS dominates sustainable and scalable business models; as mobile interaction becomes ubiquitous with daily life; and as artists and scientists and engineers and creators everywhere continue to push the limits of what is possible.

     Design is a field which has become heavily segmented heading into the 21st century, during which new specializations seem to have emerged every year, and yet the need to marry back-end and front-end sensibilities has never been greater.  UI/UX design has become as essential to modern businesses as cost management. Communications design is becoming a field all on its own. Web design can make or break consumer trust.

     At the same time, longer-form narratives have been given new life by the democratizing power of the internet. Independent creators everywhere can get their work and their blood, sweat, and tears before thousands of eyes instantly. Comics are no longer the sole purview of superheroes and pulp, if in fact they ever were. Children's books as an industry are as vital as ever, and constantly engaging with more complex thematic subjects. Never before have we inhabited a time so surrounded by and imbibed with independent creator-led and creator-owned projects and collaborations as this. And it is nothing short of wonderful.


Visual development is the thread that ties them all together.



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